1200.C Horizontal Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace

This Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace is suitable for sample preparation of various materials in clean environment. The product is uniformly heated outside the vacuum chamber of high purity quartz by annular heating wire, with high thermal efficiency, fast heating speed and good temperature uniformity. The internal circulation of protective atmosphere is uniform. High temperature resistant sealing ring and water-cooled stainless steel sealing system are adopted for sealing parts, which are safe and reliable.

And the furnace has a complete automatic touch screen operation performance, and has the alarm function of over temperature, broken couple and low water pressure.

The heating system and the control unit are reasonably separated and do not interfere with each other, which can ensure that the electric heating element and the entire circuit system maintain a safe and reliable working state in a continuous high temperature environment.

The large-diameter quartz vacuum chamber can process large-size thin-walled samples with uniform heating and good sintering effect.

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