Mini 1L Muffle Furnace Box Furnace with Drop-down Door


The box furnace has a scientific and reasonable drop-down door structure, and the materials can be taken out and placed directly on the furnace door to avoid burns on the workbench. It has an exquisite shape and a small volume. It is widely used in universities, scientific research institutes and laboratories.  It uses a molybdenum-iron-chromium-aluminum alloy heating wire coated with an antioxidant material. Slightly exposed vacuum forming wire layout method, evenly distributed heating on three sides, effectively enhances the uniformity of the temperature field in the furnace, and greatly improves the high-temperature service life of the heating element.

1. Max temperature: 1200℃
2. Max heating rate: 30℃/Min
3.Chamber size:100×100×100mm
4.Controller:Smart PID

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