1550.C Intelligent Desktop Denture Sintering Furnace

B1600-12TI sintering furnace, as the company’s newly launched denture sintering equipment, fully draws on the advantages of previous denture sintering equipment, and optimizes part of the design scheme. It is a desktop intelligent denture material sintering equipment.

Using special high-purity and high-density silicon carbon rod heating element, the maximum working temperature is 1550 ℃, and the annular cleaning heating process ensures a high temperature uniformity of the denture heating environment. And it is easy to operate by lifting and loading materials down.

The control system adopts an intelligent human-computer interaction touch-screen control system. The touch-screen visual guide operation can quickly set the heating curve, support curve storage and recall, and can enter the working state in 5 minutes,  display the sintering dynamic power and sintering process in real time.

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